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Do You Think Google+ Will Replace Facebook Or Twitter?

For the past two weeks, Google+ has been running on an invite only mode to control the growth of its users and pick out any bugs before its final launch. Within these two weeks, I have been testing out Google+ and have been enjoying my experience so far. But all I hear is people talking […]

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How To Save More Money Using

As a student, the thought about money and how much I am spending can be a scary thing. For years I just purchased everything on my debit card and never really paid attention to my account balance. I did this until I realized that I was spending more money then I was making and my balance was noticeably falling. […]

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How to Take a Screenshot Image of any Website with WordPress

A couple of days ago, I was signing up for an account on Gravitar and was entering the link to this blog to add to my account. After I clicked add, within a few seconds, a screenshot image of my website was placed on the website and I started to get a little excited because […]

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How SSL Works Using Public Key Cryptography

Everyone has been to a webpage where the page is secured using some sort of SSL encryption and the beginning of the URL has https instead of http. Most people have a basic idea of how it works and that the data you enter in a form is encrypted when sent to the server (e.g. […]

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How To Use The New LinkedIn Platform

Linked in just released its new social platform in attempt to building the professional web. This will allow developers to integrate Linked In into their webpages like Facebook and Twitter does. This will include: Sign In with LinkedIn, which makes it easier for users to authenticate or register for your site using their LinkedIn identity […]

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